Comunidad Americana's website

The vecinal community of my neighbourhood had a generic pre-set website so I proposed this website to take it's place. The information is simple but I wanted to create this new way to animate a website. Did it all from ground up without basing myself on any presets.


Vector Calculator

When I started learning about vector addition I realized I could make a webapp to automate the process even with multiple of them. So I made this website for me and my friends. The teacher was surprised by it and liked it.


GN Forums

One friday coming out of school me and a friend had the idea to create an anonymous forum for fun, even though I still didn't knew anything about requests and the back end, I took the bullet. After 2 sleepless nights I came out with this. All made from scratch and manually.
Of course it was alive for 2 days then everyone forgot about it and I moved on.


Classroom schedule website

When I entered highschool the world was in the middle of the pandemic and all my classes were online. The page they provided for us to find the zoom links and passwords was a canva presentation where you had to copy paste everything. I didn't think of a better option but to make one myself. When the pandemic ended I added some features so it could know what class you where on and tell you how long that class was going to last. Over the years I upgraded it even more because me and most of my classmates had it pinned in our browsers.


Minecraft server control panel

I've run a minecraft server for years now and my problem always was that I couldn't have anyone else have proper admin controls because I always ran it locally. For that reason I created this. I used the discord login system for authentication and security and made a private key sistem to know what changes or actions were made by who and when. I also gave them full control over the filesystem of the minecraft server only and a live console feature. For this project I learned how to use cookies and how to upload and download files from my website.


DJ Bot

Like almost all people with a discord server I like listening to music with my friends on vc. One day, our trusty public bot that did that for us announced that it would stop the service, so instead of looking for a new one, I said "How hard could it be?".
Turns out not that hard, and so then I started adding features until it became better than the old one we used. It can: Lookup lyrics, read a spotify playlist or album and one by one look up that song on youtube with no problems. And also, of course, play music.



Right around February of 2023 my school invited us to partake on a state competition for technology projects made by highschoolers exclusively and we decided to give it a shot. I already had an idea in mind and pulled together a team composed of me and three other friends. We had two months from knowing about the project to having to present and in that time we almost didn't sleep. I did all the software and, along with my friend Figue, the electronics. I practiced teamwork, and I learned a lot about rc planes, like, a lot.
In the end we ended up winning second place out of more than 2,600 teams and over 13,000 highschool students.


There's many more small projects I've done while learning that don't make the list.